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For a mortgage that truly fits


For a Mortgage Loan That Truly Fits

Purchase or Refinance your mortgage for $1295 One Flat Fee! No Hidden Costs! 


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What is a HECM Loan?

If you’re 62 and older and you’re still making a mortgage payment on your home, then you need to stop! Today 60% of all our clients that are new homeowners and are over 62 years of age are purchasing their homes with the FHA insured Senior HECM loan.

Senior Clients can utilize this loan for the home that they currently are in, as it is an invaluable tool in eliminating your existing mortgage and free your monthly cash flow up for your use during retirement.

Call our office today to learn more about how you can own your home, remain on title, and make No Monthly Mortgage Payments!


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Not all mortgages are “one size fits all”. That is why Brandon Hansen & Associates holds regular training exercises for employees to keep up to date and informed on the ever changing industry. The mortgage lending industry is federally and state regulated, therefore each mortgage loan originator is required to complete 20 hours of mortgage education and pass an exam on both the federal and state level. 


Understanding the process is important to consumers. However, not all consumers are “experts” in this field. Our staff will walk you through each step of the way, ensuring your comfort and understanding of the process. We know your life is busy enough as it is, we make every effort to accommodate your schedule, meeting with you at convenient times and locations. In addition, we utilize the most recent technology to facilitate the signing and sending of secure documents with electronic means to fully accommodate a busy lifestyle.



The team at Brandon Hansen & Associates prides themselves on maintaining an excellent reputation of trust in the community. It speaks for the impeccable habits of Brandon Hansen & Associates. If a loan is not beneficial for the client, it is not beneficial to us. You will always find honesty, loyalty, respect and genuine trust from all aspects with the team at Brandon Hansen & Associates.


Brandon, when we could not get any help, you stepped in and gave us a plan to move forward and then again a year later. Your no-fee loan options allowed us to continue to improve our situation without fees. Thank you again for your professionalism.
— Mike and Deborah Janke –Re-finance Client’s.


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